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Virus protection is of paramount importance for medical office staff, nurses and doctors, particularly in the face of infectious diseases that pose a constant threat to their health and well-being. Medical personnel play a crucial role on the front lines of healthcare, caring for patients and coming into close contact with individuals who may be carrying contagious viruses. To safeguard themselves and prevent the transmission of infections, they must adhere to rigorous virus protection measures. PURE-V VRS products are powerful protective tools as it reduces and eliminates airborne viruses and prevents infection and the spread of contagious viruses. 

The VRS are powerful virus reduction and inactivation solution for human occupied medical offices and patient’s treatment rooms. It is designed to process air to inactivate and eliminate viruses in less than one (1) second*.

The VRS products takes in room air, passes it through an intensive and well calibrated UV-C light chamber that breaks the DNA’s nucleobases Thymine or RNA’s nucleobases Uracil of the virus.  This eliminates the virus’s ability to reproduce.  The VRS then releases   near virus free air back into the room. 

The VRS are non-additive air treatment system. It will not add any components to the air, such as positive or negative ions, fragrance, chemicals, ozone or free radicals (TiO2) that may affect the health of some sensitive individuals and therefore keeps the air pure, natural and neutral.

* Viruses such as Influenza, Poliovirus, SARS-CoV-2, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), HMPV

Designed and built for virus reduction in office cubicles and workspace used by the medical support teams who may greets and interact with patients. 

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Designed and built for use in medical examination rooms of urgent care or doctor office facilities.

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COMING SOON Designed and built for use in medical examination rooms of urgent care or doctor office facilities.

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